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Big Jack back with film of 24


Big Jack back with film of 24

Hero the series Jack Bauer

Kiefer Sutherland has confirmed hit show 24 is coming to a big screen near you. Fans across the were devastated when the eighth and final series ended in May 2010.

But now Kiefer, who plays hard-as-nails Jack Bauer, has confirmed he will start filming the in April or May.

He said: “We have a script we're really excited about,” confirming also that, the film will be a continuation of the TV series.

He said of his role as anti-terrorist agent Jack: “I think the thing I've always associated with him was that he was never going to fully win.

“There is something very realistic about that and I admire the character for that and I think other people did too.”

The actor revealed the 24 project while promoting new Fox series Touch, which sees him play the father of an autistic mute boy who can seemingly predict events.

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