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Bishop Agyinasare on sex toys and married men who chase girls…  


Bishop Agyinasare on sex toys and married men who chase girls…  

It is a sexual sin for an unmarried woman to masturbate with sex toys for sexual gratification, Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Charles Agyinasare has said.
In his New Year’s Eve sermon in church at the Perez Dome, Bishop Agyinasare said it was equally a sin for unmarried men to masturbate, adding that it was important for Christians to be consecrated and live in purity.
“Unfortunately”, Bishop Agyinasare noted, “in our day, some Christians are teaching that it is not important for women to be virgins anymore because if you are a virgin, and you get married, you can’t satisfy your husband. And husbands want a woman who can satisfy them. That is walking in the flesh.”
“If women cannot be virgins anymore, we are saying they should commit fornication,” he said, adding: “Well, they say there are some who claim they are virgins and they are not primary virgins; that means that they buy all kinds of things to satisfy themselves as women.
“Now when the bible talks about sexual sin, the essence of sexual sin is sexual gratification, so, if you are a woman and you are not married and you are masturbating, it is for sexual gratification, it is a sexual sin.
“It is the same with a man who is masturbating, it is sexual gratification and the bible says: ‘the works of the flesh, they are manifest’. It talks about adultery, you are married and you are chasing girls, you are chasing other people; it talks about uncleanness: things that should not be named amongst us – homosexuality, lesbianism, prostitution, bestiality, incest. The bible calls all these the works of the flesh.
“If you are consecrated to God, you don’t indulge in the works of the flesh. Lasciviousness is sexual perversion…,” Bishop Agyinasare added.

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