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Blacks and Black African

Chris Meets

Blacks and Black African

The protest about George Floyd got me thinking. The nature of humans and the pressure to break out of oppression. The crazy things about life that can easily make you jump out of the window. The madness that exist within ourselves that makes life interesting and unbearable at the same time.

The inequalities that exist in BLACKS from different walks of life, yet solidarity lifted to the BEAUTY OF LOVE among all oppressed. I took a stir at two young beautiful ladies from different walks of life, yet an accent isolates them before the interviewer. Living American life by being yourself as African is suicidal unless you upgrade your identity “ACCENT and APPEARANCE”.

Democrats are championing a drastic police reforms and racial inequalities to bridge the gap between BLACKS and WHITES. If they succeed and BLACKS start seeing growth in all walks of life in America, will the benefit dwindle down to Africa? I over heard an African-American expressing dissatisfaction in African countries for not protesting enough on the believe that we are equal of color. We may look the same but do we share the same values? Even among Africans there is a divide, all African countries fought against Apathy in South Africa and received xenophobia as a price.

It is not clear how racial reforms will benefit Africa, but hopefully Americas foreign policy will be reviewed and amended or possibly pave the way for Africa to fight for economic recognition in the international market.

In any case, this fight is for all BLACKS across the globe, time to unite and create solid platform for all. LETS START APPRECIATING OUT OWN.

tata I am out……


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