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Blogger Citizen Kwadwo Donates And Dines With Asiakwa SOS Orphanage Home (Video,Photos)

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Blogger Citizen Kwadwo Donates And Dines With Asiakwa SOS Orphanage Home (Video,Photos)

As the year 2020 was ending, many people paid a visit to the loved ones and showered them with presents and various gifts to make their New Year memorable. How many of you didn’t buy new clothes, shoes, watches, bags, drinks or take your wards to the mall, beaches, or children’s playing ground to make enable them to have fun.

But that was not the case for orphans in children’s homes whose only hope depended on the benevolence of strangers like the selfless managing editor of, Kingsley Adomako Odrey popularly known as .

Blogger Citizen Kwadwo held a party with the Asiakwa SOS ORPHANAGE home near Akyem Abuakwa, the home constituency/ district of the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo. The blogger spent his near year with these children to put joy and a smile on their faces.

The children at the Asiakwa SOS ORPHANAGE home were served with different kinds of food, drinks of various kinds at a party that was organized at the premises of the home.

Before the end of the program, Citizen Kwadwo present some provisions to the management of the Home to give to the children. Many Children’s Home complain of a shortage of basic items like soap, T-rolls, food, and drinks. It is the hope of the donor that, these items would be sed to the benefit of the children.

A wise man once said rich men don’t give, good men do. May God bless the generosity of Citizen Kwadwo for the kind gesture

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