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Blue Ivy youngest person to enter Billboard chart


Blue Ivy youngest person to enter Billboard chart

Jay-Z and

Blue Ivy's parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z, are known for selling out shows and crafting chart-topping albums, so it's not a surprise that the newborn has already set a Billboard chart record of her own.

And since four-day-old baby Blue a guest verse of cries following her delivery on January 7, and is credited for her contribution “B.I.C.,” the newborn is now the youngest person ever land on a Billboard chart.

(If you're wondering Blue beat Stevie Wonder's daughter Aisha, whose first cries can be heard on Wonder's “Isn't She Lovely,” Billboard notes that Aisha was never credited, and the song didn't reach a chart until 1977, two years following her birth.)

Jay-Z's touching tribute to his “greatest creation” not only revealed his joy at welcoming his daughter into the world, but also reflected on the superstar couple's previous attempts at conception that ended in miscarriage.

“Last time the miscarriage was so tragic, we was afraid you disappeared,” he said in a verse, “but nah, baby, you magic.”

Magic, and now with a chart-climbing single.

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