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Bold, sexy and free… hits of Omotola


Bold, sexy and free… hits of Omotola

ASIDE her well-applauded competence on screen, the A’list actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has proved to be a fashionista and trendsetter.

It’s impossible to miss Omotola’s irrepressible hourglass shape. Yeah, that’s the ideal shape every lady craves. She’s known for choosing pieces that reflect her graceful frame.

As each day passes by, Omosexy (a name coined by her aircraft pilot hubby) raises the bar of her fashion sense. The mother of four loves clothes and is never afraid to take chances. She deftly combines colours, textures and shapes to add élan to every outfit.

Known for adding a personal touch to everything she wears, the actress boosts the dazzle factor at a recent event in a red and black one-shoulder dress.

While Omotola certainly has access to pricey designer’s clothes, she doesn’t hesitate to experiment with edgier looks that embrace her femininity.

Here’s her secrets

Show off your waist

Since hourglass shapes typically have well-defined mid-area, drawing attention to your waist with a belt or a fitted top will accentuate this great asset. Do not be afraid to show off your waist, even if it’s small!

Embrace your curves

Without doubts, the pretty diva’s figure is curvy, round and extremely feminine. If you are shaped like Omotola, don’t hesitate to flaunt it — dress it up with the right accessories and clothes. For those that don’t have very flat, tiny waist; you can accentuate this area with spanx. Just like Omosexy, wear clothes that fit properly, look stunning and radiate confidence. Embrace your best assets and don’t hide behind improperly fitting clothes.

Look sexy and free

Omotola knows how to ooze just the right degree of appeal. Who says you cannot look queenly and sexy like her? Every lady has her personal style. No two people have the same taste. You can achieve your taste with your unique body type. Different body types are dressed in different ways and styles to accentuate the most advantageous spots. But if you are blessed with Omotola’s figure, you can consider yourself belonging to the category that is usually the cynosure of men. For Omosexy says, “my style is bold, sexy and free.”

Fit is king

One thing we know about this screen goddess is that she likes fitted wears. She notes, “what’s unique about my style is it’s always form fitting.”

Coordinate your red carpet look

When it comes to looking glam on the red carpet, Omotola most times work with fashion stylists to give her that wow look. She discloses, “I would usually leave that to my stylist or designer, but I usually do my own makeup.”

Quality is it

Omotola’s most expensive fashion pieces are her Versace gold watch set in Swarovski diamonds and some Louboutin pairs of shoes.

Big names rock

For designers, Omosexy goes for Bunmi Koko, Sally Bawa, Valentino, Diane von Further, Alberta Ferretti and Mimi London.

Love the details designer

“My favourite accessory designers would be YSL, Brian Artwood and Louboutin,” Omotola says.

Make it up

Most times, even for her red carpet look, Omotola does her makeup herself. Her favourite beauty make up is Mac Studio finish concealer.

Smell nice

For scents, Omosexy’s favourite is Flower by Kenzo, Mauboussin and Burberry Brit Red.

Give your skin a treat

A lot of celebs have different beauty routine and different secrets on how they keep their skin flawless. For Omosexy, her most valuable beauty routine is massages.

Colour it red

Red they is considered most visible and lively of all colours; it creates attraction and excitement. The wearer naturally portrays an image of excitement, energy, enthusiasm and confidence. Nonetheless, it also suggests an erotic feeling. Red is also associated with vitality and ambition, love and passion. No wonder Omosexy’s favourite colour is red… “I love red colour because I’m fierce.”

Get spanx

If you don’t have a perfect body, get body shaping undergarments such as spanx. This flattens tummy bulges and gives user a gorgeous look.

Dress appropriately

Whether she is at home, work, location, screen or red carpet, Omosexy always looks neat, trim and sexy. Even if you think you are only going to the store nearby, it’s not appropriate to go out in public in your pajamas. According to ‘McCall’s sewing in colour’, ill-fitting clothes lower your morale and make you less able to cope with everyday trials. Instead, wear some skinny jeans, a cute top and a pair of sandals. You never can tell, who is watching you and if you look good, you will feel better about yourself.

Attitude is everything

If you have a bad attitude about your look, then the look is not right for you. You should feel amazing in everything you are wearing; otherwise you shouldn’t be wearing it. Your clothes reflect who you are on the inside.

Don’t be a fashion slave

Being fashionable means knowing what works for you. Don’t always follow trends; for sometimes those styles are not just made for your body type or personality.

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