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Bullet’s deputy reveals how Ebony asked for permission to travel and where she said she was going


Bullet’s deputy reveals how Ebony asked for permission to travel and where she said she was going

The Deputy Manager of Ebony has disclosed that the singer did not talk of her mother when she called to inform him of going out of Accra

-Allen, as he is popularly called, reveals that the artiste told him she was going to the North

-He also states that though he tried to persuade her not to go, her mind was made up

The second in command at Ruff Town Records, the managers and record label of Dancehall diva Ebony Reigns, has revealed what transpired before the artiste before she died.

Allen Kofi Anti’s revelation, however, suggests Ebony went to a different destination other than her mother’s place.

Ebony died in a tragic accident on the Sunyani-Kumasi Highway on the night of Thursday, February 8, 2018.

The singer had visited her mother in Sunyani, in the company of a driver, Chartey Oko, her friend, Franky Kuri and her soldier bodyguard, Francis Atsu Vondee.

Ebony and Allen

While returning to Accra to prepare for a trip abroad the next day, the Jeep she was traveling with collided with a VIP bus at Nyamebekyere near Mankranso leaving her, Franky and the soldier dead.

After the unfortunate incident, many have wondered why the artiste was travelling that late in the night without the involvement of her management.

Some have even blamed Ruff Town for neglecting their duties to the artiste.

Though he CEO of Ruff Town, Bullet, has tried to explain the circumstances leading to the incident, he was actually in Europe making arrangements for Ebony’s scheduled tour at the time of the accident.

His second in command, Allen Kofi Anti who could be said to have ‘given Ebony permission to travel’ has opened up on the last conversation they had before the accident.

According to Allen, Ebony did not tell him she was going to see her mother but rather told him she was travelling to Northern Ghana.

On the Wednesday before her demise, she texted me… no, she actually phoned me some minutes to midnight saying she was going to the North,” the Deputy Manager said in an interview on GH One TV.

He added, “So I panicked. I was about to sleep so I asked; at this time? She didn’t sound the Ebony I know. she sounded a bit like don’t worry I will be fine. You know that kind of feel.

Allen further revealed that though he tried to persuade Ebony to postpone the trip to the next day, Ebony was one person who always had her way.

“I told her is too late so why don’t you wait and leave in the morning. I tried talking her out but she’s one person who always gets what she wants,” he said.

Allen’s revelation suggests Ebony may have gone somewhere else and had passed through her mother’s place before untimely death.


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Kingsley Adomako Odrey known professionally as Citizen Kwadwo, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, IT Mogul, Businessman, and Web Developer. Follow : Instagram- @citizenkwadwo Twitter: @Citizenkwadwo

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