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Bunkpurugu MP, Hon. Abed Bandim Embarks On A Thanksgiving Tour


Bunkpurugu MP, Hon. Abed Bandim Embarks On A Thanksgiving Tour

On Friday, February 19, 2021, the Member of Parliament for Bunkpurugu Constituency, the HON. ABED BANDIM (MP), returned to his constituency to embark on a ‘Thank You Tour’ to thank God and for that matter, the good people of his constituency for the NDC’s victory in the 7, 2020 parliamentary elections.

The MP who initially intended to move around the entire constituency way of a tour had the President’s directives on observing the -19 pandemic safety protocols to contend with. So as a measure to prevent the mass gathering of people, he resorted to the use of the media, religious bodies, visit to chief palaces and visit to the offices of public institutions in the in order to reach out to the good people of the constituency to extend his appreciation to all and sundry for the level of confidence reposed in him to serve the people as MP for Bunkpurugu for the next four (4) years.

Known as a man of the people, after the January 6, 2021 swearing-in ceremony in Parliament, constituents and the MP himself clamored for the least available opportunity to return to the constituency to enable him to embark on his “Thank You Tour’. Fortunately, the tour which began on February 19, 2021, will successfully end on February 28, 2021, to the delight of his people. Thanks to God and the good people of the Bunkpurugu constituency for warmly receiving the new MP.

Many people outside the constituency may squeeze, ‘who is this man of the people?’. As his constituents fondly call him, ‘The Humble King’, Hon. Abed Bandim is a Ph.D. Candidate in Communication Management at the School of Communications Management, of Pretoria ─ South Africa. He holds a Masters of Law (L.L.M) degree in International Technology Law from the Robert Gordon University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Studies from the University of Aberdeen, all in Scotland ─ UK; and, until January 2021, the Hon. MP worked as the Principal Manager & Head of Consumer Affairs at the National Communications Authority (NCA) of Ghana.

As a first time MP who won the Bunkpurugu parliamentary seat for the NDC, especially by defeating a two (2) term NPP MP and then North-East Regional Minister with a whopping 1,334 margin, he indeed had a lot to be grateful for the opportunity given him to serve his people. Known to be humble, calm and a peace-loving person in private life, the MP is also a strategist, a natural organizer, and a born leader who was able to win the December 7, 2020 parliamentary election at the back of his party’s unity and running a strategically rigorous campaign. In fact, at age 27, he became the first-ever black and international student to hold office as a Student’s Representative Council (SRC) President from 2004-2006 in Scotland ─UK. Therefore, it did come as a surprise to many people how he was able to appeal and rally the party people, sympathizers, and especially the youth behind his vision to win the election. Coupled with his avowed and well-grounded Christian life, values, and background, he recognizes that the true essence of leadership is serving the people and promises to diligently and faithfully serve the good people of the Bunkpurugu constituency to the glory of God.



Therefore, in line with an age-old principle that requires us to always show gratitude, to be thankful, and to be appreciative ─ a philosophy which the MP holds dearly to his heart, he had cause to have embarked on such a tour, despite the Covid-19 constraint, just so that, he could express his heartfelt gratitude, appreciation and to thank God and the people of Bunkpurugu constituency. During the tour of the constituency, the MP visited chief palaces, churches, mosques, radio stations, security officers, party members, groups, and some offices of public institutions in the constituency.


On Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021, a Thanksgiving Service was held at the Assemblies of God Church in Nakpanduri, giving the platform, he said “I want to express my gratitude to God and to the Church because I know it’s God who enthrones kings and chooses leaders. So I will continue to humble myself in His presence for what He has done; the mercy, the grace, and the victory He gave us. God bless the Church for prayer support. I know I can always count on you.”

Visit to the  Chief Palaces in the constituency

An important part of his homecoming itinerary was the visit to the Chief Palaces in his constituency. He asked for their continuous support and prayers of our revered Chiefs and Queen Mothers. He said he intend to work more closely with the traditional rulers because they exude wisdom and play a critical role in our governance system and serve as beacons of peace in the area. He took the opportunity to thank the Chiefs and people for their advice, admonitions, pledges of support, and the warm reception they gave him during his tour.


Thanksgiving Service at the Assemblies of God Church in Nakpanduri and central mosque in Bunkpurugu.

Earlier on Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, he was with our Muslim brethren to worship with them and to thank Allah for His divine mercy and protection. He thanked the Muslim community for their prayer support and asked them for more of their prayers during the Jumah prayer at the central mosque in Bunkpurugu.

Engagement with Scarp FM station in Nakpaduri and the Lom Community Radio station in Bunkpurugu

As a measure in compliance with the Covid-19 protocols seeking to avoid the crowding of people during his Thanksgiving Tour, he engaged the media through the Scarp FM station in Nakpaduri and the Lom Community Radio station in Bunkpurugu in order to reach out to the masses to extend my heartfelt gratitude to them (The good people of Bunkpurugu Constituency) for reposing confidence in him. The MP remarked that he will do his best to serve the people well while asking for support and prayer from the people.



Engagement with the security agencies in the Bunkpurugu-Nakpanduri District

He also met with officers of security agencies in the Bunkpurugu-Nakpanduri District to encourage them to continue putting up their best in making the area and the good people of the Bunkpurugu constituency safer. According to the MP, the issue of security is paramount and on top of his agenda. “We shall work together to ensure that the lives and properties of people in the constituency are protected and safe,” he said.




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