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Call Me Obaapa Christy


Call Me Obaapa Christy

lthough it is not rare for celebs to drop their names and adopt new ones in the course of their careers, gospel diva Christiana Love's desire to change her name to Obaapa Christy seems to have raised a lot of eyebrows.

Many are those who believe her wish to be called Obaapa Christy after being known as Christie Love since she hit the limelight in 2002, is as a result of the many accusations and counter accusations of extra marital affairs she traded on-air her husband, Hammond Love of Life Power Miracle Church last year.

The beautiful singer, however, says her change of name has nothing to with her marital problems.

She made this known to Showbiz last Thursday when in conjunction with Kadosh College Management, made a donation of assorted food, drinks and toiletries worth 2,500 Euros to the Osu Children's Home. Obaapa Christy, well known for her exciting showmanship treated the children and officials of the home to musical performances. She was supported by colleague gospel musicians Piesie Esther, Gifty Osei and DSP Kofi Sarpong.

“ The name Obaapa Christy has nothing to do with what happened last year. Obaapa was given to me by because He wants to change many things in my life. The word ‘obaapa' literally means a good woman and I am one.

To me an ‘obaapa' has a caring heart, helps the needy, is down to earth, has love and is a good home maker. Adding that to my name, I believe, is in the right direction.”

Although Obaapa Christy wouldn't talk about her marriage, she said: “ I don't want to bring back any bad memories. I have dealt with it and never want to visit it again since I am moving forward. I am not moved by what happened. It has rather made me a stronger person. I don't let past issues affect me.”

Obaapa, who has six albums to her credit, is working on her seventh. It is titled Back to the Sender and is scheduled to hit the market in March. Explaining why she decided to call the album Back to the Sender, Obaapa Christy said : “ While God has good plans for you, the devil may also be working out his wicked plans against you so I am just sending whatever the devil has for me back to him.“

According to Obaapa Christy, the nine -track album which was recorded in different studios and produced by Big Ben, would be loved by her fans when it hits the market. “The songs are nice and I entreat everyone to grab a copy when it comes out”.

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