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Check JNE STUDIOS out for all artist related solutions



Check JNE STUDIOS out for all artist related solutions

Being a New Gen artist is as easy as anything but what about the services?
JNE studios polished and tailored out-dated services to bring you exciting opportunities for the independent rising stars.

JNE have redesigned and created whole packages and events through their in-house crew. Providing self-rewarding fun experience’s. They understand what you need and what it takes to become the next big thing.

Are you willing to take on this experience?

“Come grow and network your way to the top, with JNE’s all rounded artist centred strategy”
-Junior Uwadia

Production team hosts producers from Canada and the UK. Providing state of the art studios such as, JNE Mobile Studios and the state of the art access to University of Northampton high-end studio.

A studio is where the heart is, JNE want the artists to get artists to feel into their true potential. Enjoy the ambience of
JNE Home Studios Northampton, with one train journey between the magic from London.

Excellent relationship with the university of Northampton automatically boosts your portfolio to the 9000+ students.

Social media team are one of the many services in which help to create influencer type content to generate an authentic fan base.
Vocal coach(s) are available upon demand to train not only for recording but also for those exhilarating live performances.
Finance Team will guide you to the right organisations in place to fund your career. They will also plan a budget so you do not feel over stretched beyond your means.
Live events headlining opportunities will be available to gain a fan base and network with exclusive industry figures present, growing your performance skills

Our in-house team consists of devoted creative individuals that understand the industry and are willing to give back what they have also gained.

Be apart of the 20th century Independent artist Movement and let JNE Studios work for you.

Instagram: jne_studios

Email: OfficialJNEstudios@gmail.

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Kingsley Adomako Odrey known professionally as Citizen Kwadwo, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, IT Mogul, Businessman, and Web Developer. Follow : Instagram- @citizenkwadwo Twitter: @Citizenkwadwo

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