Chemphe To Hold Online Peace Campaign

Chemphe To Hold Online Peace Campaign

Ghana’s King of RnB Chemphe, after a successful launch of his double P (campaign for Peace and Against Poverty) project in Accra some months ago has also been successful in educating beneficiaries at Tema Newtown and Hasuodzi village in effective management of resources and anger management.

Chemphe who also started the development of a KVIP at the Hasuodzi village mentioned that he has made immense progress with the project mentioned above. The project which is solely sponsored by E-Jam Records also saw the commercial release of another hit single from
Chemphe, “Global Citizens” which is getting good airplay in Ghana and other parts of the world.

Over the weekend Chemphe had an online communication with his fans all over the country to administer the other hand of the “Double P” project which involves campaign for peace. Chemphe indicated that peace is a necessary condition to a nation’s development and not just a sufficient condition.

He indicated that his “New Day’ album is currently in stores and is currently getting very good response for the “global Citizens” track. E-Jam Records has built a very strong team for administering the project and is well supported by various media people in the country.

He indicated that he will be online again on Wednesday 5th December 2012, a day after his birthday to communicate with fans all around the world about peace strategies and resource management. He requested fans need to follow him on twitter @chemphe, facebook at
Chemphe sings or Henry sings or BB 2291ac96.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/

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