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Chris Brown named world’s worst dressed man by GQ Magazine


Chris Brown named world’s worst dressed man by GQ Magazine

The British version of GQ magazine has crowned singer Chris Brown the worst dressed man on the planet. Ouch!

After calling him a “thuggish rapper-slash-singer,” the glossy suggests that Brown should be investing his fortune into tailoring not $15,000 phones.

Sure, Brown's casual looks and questionable costumes leave much be desired in the way of gentlemanly attire–but is he the world's worst dresser?

Flavor Flav, Elton John and Dennis Rodman are just a few names that come to mind when we think of style challenged dudes. And let's not forget Lil Wayne in those leopard print jeggings. But we clearly weren't on the nominating committee.

And let's be honest, Brown is usually shirtless by the end of most of his appearances and videos–so there really isn't much clothing to judge his style on in the first place. But we digress.

GQ did an excellent job of proving their point–the slideshow they pulled together is definitely damning.

But in an effort to redeem Brown from his fashion shame, we tried (perhaps in vain–you be the judge) to find a few pictures of Chris looking dapper and debonair.

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