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Coffin makers in Kumasi explain in tears how ladies are rejecting their proposals


Coffin makers in Kumasi explain in tears how ladies are rejecting their proposals

Coffin makers in Kumasi have cried out to the public on how some ladies are rejecting their proposals because of the work they do. They made the point that they just use the same wood other people use for their works but they are being discriminated against by women.

In an interview, some of them  narrated their ordeal:

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“Despite our efforts to make them (ladies) happy by providing them with their needs, they will never continue the love journey with us. It is so pathetic that majority of ladies afraid of us of our work as coffin manufacturers” they explained.They narrate that “some of our colleagues who are married hid their work from their partners till they got married. Even some of them called for divorce when they noticed the work their husbands are doing”.“They (ladies) know that so far as we manufacture coffins does not mean we are dangerous and want people to die. The trees we use to manufacture coffins are the trees carpenters use to manufacture beds, shoe stands, wardrobe and others”

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