Confidence: The Media Should Pay Me For Using My Pics

629216125_932Chief Executive Officer of Aphrodisiac Night Club and Ghana’s representative to Big Brother Amplified Confidence Haugen, who was in the news last week for an alleged eminent danger to her reported breast implant, has stated that the media should pay her for using her pictures because she believes her pictures sell.

Confidence, who was speaking on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” about a story by News One newspaper with the headline “Confidence’s Boobs To Expire In 24 Months, said “I guess I sell then, for them to put me on the front page of their newspaper. They should be paying me for that because i’m selling. Yes, I think they should really pay me for it because if my face didn’t sell they wouldn’t put my pictures on the front page”.

The Fashionista and owner of the new Konfidence shoes, bags and accessories line, speaking on the picture which accompanied the above story on the front-page of the newspaper, appealed to the media to stop using her old pictures and use her new pictures because she has a lot of nicer new pictures. “That picture was taken about eight years ago during a pajamas party hosted at Aphro. So I don’t know why they decided to use that picture because in my everyday life, I don’t dress like that and that picture is a bad representation of who I really am”.

“I think the media just love that particular picture but I have new pictures so they should use the new ones. Please appeal to them that the picture is too old so they should use new pictures of me”, Confidence told Kwasi Aboagye host of the show.

Asked about her breast implant which is allegedly expected to expire in 24 months, Confidence, who laughed uncontrollably in disbelief, described the story as ridiculous and absolutely false.

“When did this come out, what are you talking about? Are you serious? Are you kidding me? Wow, that is so funny and I have no idea what you are talking about and let me say that my boobs are not about to expire”, Confidence said in shock whiles she kept laughing.

“That is so funny how does somebody’s boobs get expired?” Confidence asked amidst laughter. “I can just stop laughing, i’m sorry because this is a very ridiculous story so I can just laugh but at least they are talking about me so it’s fine. I don’t know what to say about this because there is nothing like expired breast”.

When Kwasi Aboagye insisted on knowing whether her breast is artificial as reported by the newspaper, this was Confidence’s answer “Well, you know that it is mine, they are my boobs and whether I bought it or not I don’t think it’s anybody’s business because its mine and nobody’s else. I can’t even believe people can write a story like that”.

Interestingly, is reliably informed that today April 8, happens to be Confidence’s birthday and she would be hosting an exclusive birthday party later in the evening at exactly 7pm at the newly established Mamaga Restaurant inside the Aphrodisiac building at Dzorwulu in Accra where there is also the newly open Konfidence Shop, the only shop in Ghana that sells the Konfidence shoes, bags and accessories brand.

Today, we are told would also be the official opening of the restaurant. So perhaps, anybody who wants to check out the controversial boobs can pass by the Aphro building tonight to see for themselves.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/

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