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Constipation Home Remedies: Take a close look at your diet


Constipation Home Remedies: Take a close look at your diet

Constipation can mean a painful effort to try and open the bowels and more of an ordeal to pass a stool. If you have constipation often then check your diet.

You should understand one person may easily open their bowels once a day and another every third day, it doesn’t mean the latter has a problem.  It simply means, our bodies naturally find the right frequency for us.  However, if you find it painful to pass a stool when you want to, then you are probably constipated.

Aim for a diet that is rich in fiber.  That means eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.  If you are suffering from chronic constipation, then you can even start making your own juices.  Some fruits to eat to relieve constipation are dates, figs and mangoes. For vegetables try potatoes, corn and leafy green vegetables.

Wholegrain foods should also be added to the diet.  These include breads, rice and cereals.  Eating wholegrain foods helps you add roughage to your diet which is what the body needs to keep the bowels healthy.

Nuts in general are another great addition. Nuts will also add the much needed fiber and roughage to the diet but a particular nut, walnut, is a great way to help relieve constipation.

Make sure you drink enough water, roughly around 8 glasses per day can keep stool soft making bowel movement more frequent and comfortable.

Dehydration, stress, lack of exercise and fiber deficiency is some causes of constipation.


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