Contents on radio, TV impacting negatively on youth – David Dontoh

imagesGhanaian actor and television personality, David Dontoh has bemoaned the standard of some entertainment contents on radio and television stressing they are impacting negatively on the youth of today.

He said the trend is worrying, warning that if the contents are not checked, decades to come, the nation’s youth will not be in a position to contribute to the growth of the economy.

David Dontoh made the observation on Rhythmz A-Z with Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye, while contributing to the discussion on the impact of the proliferation of radio and television on the entertainment industry.

He said, “a lot of these entertainment programmes are laced with so many things that are really [unattractive] for growing up children. The programmes lure them away from home to do a lot of things that may not at the end of the day [be of good] service to the economy.”

“You will now have 90% of youth under 20 all alcoholic, having kidney or liver diseases in five – ten years’ time…these are projections that we have to look at and I think that it’s worrying,” the actor warned.

David Dontoh also lamented that most content on radio and television these days are boring.

He said the contents are “boring because the person doing it is not creative enough to put that twist on that thing called boring to make it exciting.”

The television personality observed that people have been employed into these radio and television stations “who are not creative human beings.”

“They are just copycats,” he stressed and added that, “so you ask him to lift a material and make it consumable to the public, he doesn’t know how to do that and so you put it out there and it is boring.”

“But that same thing from another culture that slips into our culture is not boring. How are they able to do that? Because somebody who is creative handles that thing, turns that thing inside out and makes it so nicely consumable,” David Dontoh explained.


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