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Controversial Netizen Shades Men For Seeing Cheating On Their Wives As Normal

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Controversial Netizen Shades Men For Seeing Cheating On Their Wives As Normal


Having extra marital affairs under every condition is somewhat seen as an abhorred act by any sane individual who believes in morality. For those who do not subscribe to morality, it isn’t anything serious since nothing like that baffles their partners or those around them.

A social media user who has observed with keen interest about how people treat women and deliberately cheat on them has waded into this delicate discourse. According to the concerned netizen, men should be prepared to be cheated on if they continue to see cheating on women as normal.

His post read;

***Some people think that men having children from extramarital affairs is less grievous than when a woman has children from extramarital affairs.

Instead of these men to TOTALLY CONDEMN CHEATING or totally approve of it (irrespective of gender), they say all sorts of nonsense to convince you that it’s okay for a man to have children outside marriage but isn’t okay when a woman does so.

Let me tell you the consequences of a man having children outside marriage, besides the fact that the wife would feel cheated on.

My Dad worked for 35 years and retired. He got his gratuity, but he also has his life insurance which was to be paid out to his family if he dies before a certain age. That insurance is for the CHILDREN, or wife and children.
Do you know that if someone comes up today to say that he is my father’s child, and we conduct a sibling DNA test to prove that he is actually my father’s child, not only is each of our (me and my siblings) shares going to reduce from my father’s employment life insurance payment, he is going to get an equal share of all my father left for his children.

Secondly, if I get married and me and my husband contribute our hard earned money to buy assets and properties, if my husband has a child I’m not aware of, and he appears after my husband dies intestate, he would have a share in EVERYTHING I and my husband worked for. It means that I’ve probably worked most of my life gathering wealth for another woman’s child.

The consequences of cheating resulting into children from extramarital affairs is EQUALLY devastating and attract almost the same level of long term consequences, whether by the man or woman.

Most of us grew up to see children surface at burials of men to claim those dead men are their biological fathers. I know a man who we know to have 4 children with his wife. During his burial, we realized that this man has 13 children. He died intestate. His actual first son was NOT even from his wife. By the stupid tradition, that first son was the one calling the shots and entitled to their family home. A home the widow contributed her millions to build. In this case, DNA was performed, 13 children were confirmed. They took the case to court, and the legally married wife of the man and her children were favoured in court. But this case was in court for more than 2 years. And they still lost some of their assets to their father’s children that they never knew about till their father’s death and burial.

Imagine the pain and trauma because a man couldn’t control himself. Why can’t men spare their families such pains?***

What do you make of this?

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Kingsley Adomako Odrey known professionally as Citizen Kwadwo, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, IT Mogul, Businessman, and Web Developer. Follow : Instagram- @citizenkwadwo Twitter: @Citizenkwadwo

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