How secured is the internet for any business or organization to engage in serious activities electronically? Zoom and google technologies have promised to offer the best video conferencing, yet google had some challenges in Fairfax, Virginia schools in USA where hacking were reported as being one of the reasons to halt their contract with the Fairfax school authorities.

Slowly government institutions across the world are starting to engage in electronic video conferencing, which in my opinion should be a concern to all. So let us rationalize this scenario; House A has all electronic capabilities which she made available to House B, C and D. The electronic system collects data from anyone who patronizes it, where the data is kept on House A’s Data-hub. The reason all the others have chosen to use House A’s electronic system is Prioritization, International Restrictions and Cost of Installation which could easily be rectified if House B, C and D were to join forces. Figure out the rest of the story.

The world is talking 5G and AI- artificial intelligence – to suggest that the world is heading in to an isolation, where people will not be dealing directly with each other but through the power of the internet. The big question is WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THE INTERNET? Not until House B, C and D find their own secured form of communication, their secrete fall prey to the House A.

This era of Coronavirus is definitely calling for Big Thinkers.