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(COVID-19): South Africa tops with over 3000 positive cases


(COVID-19): South Africa tops with over 3000 positive cases

The global pandemic, coronavirus is hitting countries differently. South Africa, one of the most advanced African countries is leading the entire continent with positive cases can confirm.

The number of cases stood at 3034 as of last night, with 108,021 tests done.


South Africa was one of the earliest countries to record the virus and has been conducting mass testing. Currently, they are the first African country with the highest number of tests with Ghana following with over 60,000 done. Nigeria as of yesterday had done a little over 7,000 tests.


The country launched mass testing expert kits which give results in less than an hour.

Thus, the exponential rise in their figures is a close reflection of the reality of the spread of the illness in the country.



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