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(COVID): All you need to know about face masks – Maxwell Bisala writes



(COVID): All you need to know about face masks – Maxwell Bisala writes

With the recent upsurge in Covid-19 positive cases, one of the ways to protect yourself is the use of Facemasks.

But the type of Facemasks you use and the way you handle it have great influence on the efficiency.

Maxwell Bisala Konlan, a Registered Dietician and a Public Health Expert has written an educative piece on the safe ways of handling Facemasks.

Read his full write-up below:


COVID-19 Prevention tips

All you need to know about face masks

A face mask is a protective covering which provides a barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets, dust or pollen from entering one’s nose and mouth
(CDC, 2020).

In the context of COVID-19, a face mask prevents respiratory droplets from traveling into air to another person when a person coughs, sneezes, talks or raises their voice.

According to Center for Disease Control (CDC) there is emerging evidence from clinical and laboratory studies which shows that face masks reduce the spraying of droplets when worn over nose and mouth. The face mask types that provide the highest protection include; the N95, surgical and FFP ( filtering face piece) masks with the non-medical cloth mask providing the least protection. Irrespective of the type of mask available at your disposal, it is imperative to wear face mask when leaving your home to reduce your risk of COVID-19.

How do I properly handle my face mask and prevent infecting myself from COVID-19?

Face masks can protect you from COVID-19 but improper handling of the face mask can present a significant risk of getting you infected with the virus. This is because a used facemask may be contaminated with respiratory droplets especially on the front side of your mask. These are some tips on how to properly handle your face mask;

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap under running water before putting on your face mask.

2.Never touch the front side of your facemask when in use.

  1. Ensure your face mask covers both your nose and mouth when worn.
  2. Do not drop a used face mask on your car seat or directly on any surface in your car or home. Rather drop them in brown envelope, polythene or paper bag in a situations where you are unable to wash them immediately after use so they can be washed later.

5.Do not squeeze a face mask into your hand bag or pocket to reduce the risk of contaminating yourself.

  1. Keep used facemask away from children. Children are likely to play with it and may end up contaminating themselves by putting it in their mouth which may present a significant risk of infecting them with the virus.
  • Separate used face mask from your clothes. Face mask should be stored separately in a brown envelope, a polythene or paper bag in situation it’s highly in practical to wash them immediately.

  • How do I wash my face mask?

    Face mask should be washed with a warm soapy water and a detergent.

    Who should be exempted from wearing face mask?

    1. Children who are younger than 2 years.
  • Anyone who has trouble breathing due to a medical condition as advised by your Doctor.

  • Unconscious, incapacitated and people who are unable to remove face mask without assistance.

  • Face masks SHOULD NOT be recommended to new born babies and infants.

  • Don’t allow the same protective material responsible for your safety end up being a source of your infection

    #COVID-19 is real, be responsible!

    ( Credit: Maxwell Bisala Konlan RD, MPH) (Deititian/Public Health Professional ).

    @Contact Dietitian Max on 0542205538 for your dietary related medical conditions.

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