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Crazy Video: Ghanaian women smoking ‘weed’ on camera


Crazy Video: Ghanaian women smoking ‘weed’ on camera

imagesPersonally, I have never seen a Ghanaian woman smoke weed with such pride—let alone to catch 3 of them smoking together on camera.

The below video which was reportedly recorded in Kumasi by a facebook user-Archipalogo shows 3 women calling those who do not smoke weed SENSELESS—and requesting that, weed should legalized in Ghana.

They women also claim smoking puts them on a gangster pedestal and they are able to think really deep when they smoke the narcotic.

Considering the fact that possession and smoking of weed is a criminal offence in Ghana and a non-bailable offence for that matter, these women must have balls huge boobs to do this on camera.

Of course they are ignorant of the possible consequence of their actions.


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