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After changing their name from Dadabees, Duke and Genesis now called D2 will be staging their first ever television performance on TV Africa’s sound Splash this Saturday.

The group will use this opportunity to launch their new singles called ‘Medibebom’ produced by Kill beats of Tema and Dance for Me also produced by Appiah Danquah a k a Appietus.

“The feeling will be different come Saturday, D2 on stage after a long hibernation, fans should expect a smooth performance especially when it’s well crafted”, Duke a member of D2 lamented.

“Adding his voice Genesis, the other member of D2 said, one reason why everybody should either sit or get close to their TV set is because of the new style Appietus created on our song”, it is one that will get you wondering how he did, it’s a unique approach to sound engineering.

D2 stressed that, it not about the Saturday performance, is about announcing their presence with their new singles so if there is anything we want fans to note, it is the new singles.

Finally the boys from Canada based Hype Records was grateful to everyone who has shown a positive hand in their career plus they were optimistic that this year huge success awaits them especially when the songs are right.

D2 introduces the new mouth beat boxing into the industry, to get a feeling of it check your local station for more details or join the boys on sound splash for the revolution.

If it’s D2, you expectations should be high because definitely a trade mark will be left on stage.

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