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David Oscar writes romantic love letter to Yvonne Nelson


David Oscar writes romantic love letter to Yvonne Nelson

imagesComedian David Oscar has written what he describes as a romantic love letter to actress Yvonne Nelson.

It comes after he responded via video to comments by the actress questioning if he was a Ghanaian? David Oscar had earlier criticised Yvonne’s plan to organize a vigil in protest against the ongoing power crisis.

David Oscar shared the poem on his Facebook page with the title, “Romantic love affair. ?#?DaVonne. Love too strong”.

See the letter below:

“My love Yvonne,

From the day I set my eyes on you, I knew it was Destiny for you to keep getting brighter. You are a true gem, it’s almost like you have the ability to block everything that contravenes your thoughts.

My love for you has remained consistent, you brighten my dark days; you cover up the dum and represent the sor. The only bulb that takes my current, the only tree that makes my forest, the only mosquito in my net.

I want to celebrate you today and thank you for constantly loving me, even when your friends thought I was nobody. I can’t continue this letter cos my lights are off and my phone is almost dead.

I’d be back baby, until I’m back, stay away from Nigerian boys who only love your waist.

Yours Lovingly

Davey baby”



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