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DELASI “Where Do We Go?” video premiere


DELASI “Where Do We Go?” video premiere

240x_mg_afv2ylk88s_delacdWhere Do We Go?” is a work of vocal and philosophical exploration. Not only does the song send you on an incredible vocal and spiritual journey, it’s a song that teases the mind in its art, in its philosophy, in its capturing of the real issues in life. Delasi goes beyond the flippant, flimsy, and shallow to use his very first single to educate. In a world of commercializing the flippant to generate quick money and ethereal fame, this is a very bold step.
The harsh realities of the world of poverty, poverty-induced crime and a poverty-induced criminal lifestyle, fed by corruption and neglect are but a few of the issues that Delasi brings up in a beautiful soulful voice. His voice hovers in the realms of smoky, husky with a smooth tuning and very flexible in exploring keys and tunes.

This does a remarkable job in placing you in the world and emotions of the lyrics, which deviate from the norm to introspection and self and world appraisal. In dusky tunes, the recurring words “Where do we go?” are firmly established in the rhetoric they were meant for, and they induce the atmosphere of questioning this world we live in and all its pretenses.

An appropriate forerunner for the album titled, Thought Journey, “Where Do We Go?” is a teaser to what promises to be a phenomenal work of art in music. Delasi obvious talent has been tapped into by the likes of Hammer, Obrafour, Reggie Rockstone’s “Sweetie Sweetie” on the Best of Rockstone’s Remixes, as well as a collaboration on D-Black’s album which is due in august this year.

A passionate virgo, Thought Journey is not only a journey for listeners but was also an introspective journey for the musician himself. Baring his soul, dreams, life experiences, Delasi asserts most candidly that, “I have become more tolerant through my Thought Journey, accepting Good and Evil as being the Balance of Life.”

Life is simply not about gathering wealth and riches for this society conscious singer. The only fulfillment one can truly have in this world, he believes, is in giving back to the world. “I have been blessed with these gifts that I have to account for, and I wish to better society by sharing my talents through the messages and observations I relay.”

This personal philosophy definitely manifests itself in the very actions of Delasi who is a man of many talents, the fine arts not being excluded.

Truly an artist in every sense of the word, creativity is in the backbone of Delasi’s music, playing with the various talents he has: crafting words in ways an expert wordsmith does, merging these words with the color of imagination and experience, infusing these with rhythmic sound and painting the masterpiece that is this album, Thought Journey.

There is nothing so beautiful and fulfilling, relaxing and enchanting in this world as very well-crafted art in any form. The only thing to do when such creations are presented to you is to patronize!

“I want to be able to look back and be proud of my achievements, satisfied that I made some impact on the needy. My children do not deserve to live through some of my experiences. As bad as everything around us may seem, a soothing piece of music may be able to de-stress my tired mind for the moment.”

Listen and download “Where Do We Go” here:

Delasi Nunana

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