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Delay Dates Chelsea Boy


Delay Dates Chelsea Boy

Salomon Kalou, the Ivorian footballer who plays as a striker for Chelsea, has been seen in a compromising position at a night club in Accra with Ghana’s showbiz icon, Delay, and reports reaching NEWS-ONE say the two are dating.

Aside actress Nadia Buari, who dated Michael Essien, Delay is the latest Ghanaian celebrity to have dated a Chelsea star. This may explain why Delay has started working on her shape and losing weight.

‘I had my car parked just next to where they were seated and I saw them kissing, petting and doing what lover’s do; I mean Delay and Kalou. From where I was, my phone’s camera could take photos so I tried and I would send them to your e-mail,’ a female source close to Delay told NEWS-ONE.

Further checks revealed that Delay and Kalou passed the night at the club and remained glued to each other all through the period.  Though not proven beyond doubt, the circumstances under which they were seen at the club and comments from friends of Delay suggest they are dating.

When NEWS-ONE contacted her over the matter, she neither confirmed nor denied whether she and Kalou were dating. She sounded offended at the questions and begged that journalists should let her have a private life.

Delay, known in private life as Delores Frempong Manso, confirmed that she was recently at the Aphrodisiac Night Club with Salomon Kalou with a few close friends for a private party.

‘We did not kiss they way you are making it sound; it was just a peck and this is not something I want to explain in the media or to anyone what happened.

Don’t I have the right to make friends or go places after a hard day’s work? It is not true we were seen doing what lovers do…you must tell me who is behind this story because there are people out there who want to spoil my name at all cost. Don’t I deserve a private life?

‘Kalou is a friend’s friend and there is nothing wrong with us being together at a club…I do not know why there is always an interest in who I am dating or I am not dating,’ Delay retorted.

Delay and Daddy Lumba

Daddy Lumba with Delay
Meanwhile, the mystery still remains unsolved about whether or not Delay ever had a love relationship with ace musician Daddy Lumba.

A couple of years ago, an alleged love affair between the two topped entertainment news charts but they chose to maintain a no-comment attitude.

Delay does not have a problem with eloquence, yet the last time NEWS-ONE asked her a straight question on her relationship with Lumba, she started babbling and fumbling endlessly and finally said she did not want to talk about it.

When Daddy Lumba changed the registration number of his Lexus 4×4 to ‘DL’, news went round that the new number had something to do with Delay’s name.

‘If people are saying Lumba and I are in love and that he has changed his car number to ‘DL’ just to honor me, then it means I am good in bed and I satisfy him very well.

‘I don’t want to talk about whether or not I dated Lumba or we are still dating because it is my private life. Even if I have dated him, I am not complaining that he has left me and that I feel pains in a particular part of my body so what are people worried about,’ Delay explained in a earlier interview.

Anytime Delay speaks of her love life, it generates a huge controversy. She once told NEWS-ONE that she was still a virgin with her hymen intact and dared any man to challenge her on that position.

Delay would not tell NEWS-ONE what exactly she was waiting for before she started enjoying hot sex and when asked what her choice of a man was, she had this to say: ‘I would go in for a younger guy because the younger, the juicier.

Guys are like that you know; I love skinny guys; someone who has a clean skin with a great taste of fashion. A nice guy with a sexy butt- not too big butts but they must be sexy and the guy should be rich and taller than me.’

Delay, who also goes by the name ‘Efia Targor’, is not a pushover in celebrity circles. NEWS-ONE can confirm she owns about six expensive vehicles of class including a Chrysler 300 C, a 2009-mode Lexus 4×4, and a 2009-mode Ford Explorer.

Aside her popular late morning radio show on Oman 107.1 FM, and her Delay TV Talk Show which airs on both TV3 and TV Africa, she is the executive producer of the popular TV series, Efia Schwarzenegger, which airs on TV3 on Saturday evenings.

Source: A News-One Exclusive

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