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Delay fires back at News One


Delay fires back at News One

Delores Frimpong-Manso, popularly known as Delay, has hit back at News One, over a publication by the newspaper which suggested that she stripped naked at an Italian club.

News One, an entertainment outlet published that Ghanaian radio presenter, TV host and producer, Delay was involved in a secret strip-tease business in Milan, Italy.

Delay however said the recent publication by News One, is a fabrication to dent her hard earned reputation

Speaking on Adom fm’s drive time programme “Ofie Kwanso” on Wednesday, Delay accused News One for capitalizing on her ( Delay’s) popularity to publish falsehood about her.

She conceded going to a couple of clubs in the area News One reported but however denied stripping naked.

According to News One, an eye witness who saw Delay and three other girls plying their illicit trade to the admiration of the patrons of a club at Corso Buenos Aires, reported the issue to them.

News-One further reported that a source from Milan had told them that Delay slimmed down so as to boost her market in the strip tease business.

But Delay has rubbished it. “I was surprised when I heard the reportage especially coming from the camp of Halifax. I know him personally and he happened to be the one who is assisting me to promote my TV series “Afia Schwarzenegger”, she soberly said.

She expressed concern about the bad image the publication had had on her career.

“I have a family including siblings who look up to me as their role model. It is very disheartening when some people try to paint you black to your loved ones. I am also someone’s child and deserve my privacy like any other human being on earth, please,” she lamented.

Delay however said that she is not perturbed about the negative stories some people are peddling about her.

“This will not stop me from traveling outside the country. I will go to where I feel like to do what I think is right for me,” said the vociferous Showbiz icon.

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