Delay Shows Boobs

Delay Shows Boobs

imagesDeloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay is back in the news—and according to a report by Flex Newspaper, the TV personality has stated that, she has stopped dressing provocatively and this is because, she is ready to get married.

Delay is quoted as saying; “I have stopped dressing provocatively because I am now of age and ready for marriage.”

“It is time I dress to look good and stand out as the real lady I am but not to expose any part of my body because I am way above that status. Ladies of today must dress decently and stop exposing their cleavage and the essential parts of their body with the aim of attracting men or marriage.”

Apart from the fact that Delay’s rationale behind dressing decently as a woman is a little weird, the above photo which she shared only 5 days ago is the definition of provocative dressing—yet, she says she is not into this anymore.

Whatever works for Delay, we guess! We hope that man finds you soon…


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