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Devoted Christian: Quench Not The Spirit I


Devoted Christian: Quench Not The Spirit I

Devoted Christian: Quench Not The Spirit I

After reading one of Kenneth E. Hagin’s books, I got to know that humans consist of three main components, namely; the mortal body, the spirit, and the soul.

This writeup will seek to concern itself with the “spirit”. The Holy Bible advocates that, as Christians, we should live and walk by the spirit and have nothing negative amongst ourselves (Gal 5:25). The negative aspects of our life spans from so many bad decisions we take and why we sometimes disobey the Creator.

As living souls, we have all acquired a spirit (of truth) from the creator. Whilst the body faces condemnation (death) and subsequent decomposition, the soul is believed to be of our real everlasting self. The spirit, therefore, is the extra self given by God. One thing we need to understand is that, as humans, we decide to either keep the true self of the spirit or we actually corrupt the spirit to suit our humane domain. Just as it was in the beginning on the part of the first humans, one thing is for sure that man was originally perfect until they allowed themselves to be corrupted through the tactical cunning of Satan’s schemes.

Do you know something? God had every power to have restricted mankind from ever going closer to the Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil but He never imposes His will on us! Never!!! The only thing which quenches our spirit is our negativities.

Brethren, quenching the spirit means acting in a way that takes us away from God’s canopy!

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C. A. Asante is a teacher (Village Teacher) by profession who has reported on a number of elections in Ghana for Central Press Newspaper. He is known among his peers as a researcher and regular contributor in Education, Politics, etc. Follow : Instagram- @ chris_asante1...Facebook: CA Asante

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