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Discover your identity before you take the big step

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Discover your identity before you take the big step

The great philosopher socretes once said “man know thyself “. So to know yourself your identity is the beginning of wisdom.
When you discover yourself and your identity it brings you

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  1. Happiness
  2. Less inner conflicts
  3. It helps you in making better decisions in life
  4. It gives you self control and helps you to resist bad habits to develop new ones
  5. Knowing yourself grounds you in your values and preferences.
  6. It helps you to tolerate and understand others
  7. It makes you to feel more alive.

According to Meg Selig, the author of ChangePower. Knowing yourself and identity means building your values, interest, temporament, activities and your own life missions and strength.

My Dear friends to be able to commit and stay true to someone, and fall in love you must learn to be true to yourself and love yourself first.
Finally the only way to know the other person is to know yourself first.
Menua d)fo te woho ase ansa na wodi wa koma ama obi, 3firis3 odo w) ho yi, 3nyira 3fie Kwan.

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