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DJ Sly K’s Exclusive Interview With Daniel Kusi On Max 102.7 FM


DJ Sly K’s Exclusive Interview With Daniel Kusi On Max 102.7 FM

The interviewer herein is DJ Sly K and the interviewee is Evangelist Daniel Kusi.


Born Daniel Kusi from a very humble home and well disciplined parents.

Brought first album in 2012/13. Second album in 2016 and the third one in 2018.

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He always prayed to God for guidelines within the music industry. His favourite musicians whilst growing up were McAbraham and Rev. Mensah Bonsu.

Old Music vs Recent Music:

He revealed that recent gospel musicians are lazy and not creative like the pioneers. To him, the new ones just rephrase the lyrics of the old songs. New musicians are hypocrites.

Musical Beef:

He has never had beefs with other musicians and wouldn’t even reply to critics.

Main occupation:

He learnt spraying as his official job but couldn’t open his one shop and so delved into printing press jobs.

Travelling Experience:

He started travelling in 2016. He has visited many countries to perform.

Concluding Remarks:
DJ Sly K entreated all those who missed the interview session to visit for all the write ups and audio excerpts.

BY: Ghanashowbiz Team

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