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DJ Sly K’s Exclusive Interview With Grand Papa Reggie Rockstone On Max 102.7 FM

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DJ Sly K’s Exclusive Interview With Grand Papa Reggie Rockstone On Max 102.7 FM

The interview herein is between DJ Sly K as an interviewer and Legendary Reggie Rockstone as the interviewee.


Born to a father named Rickie Saint Osei. Schooled both in abroad and Ghana. He settled down in Ghana in 1994.

He claims to have three mothers because of his father’s life.

Road To Music:

He was born into Showbiz because of his father’s love for music and fashion. At a young age, his father discovered his love for Martial Art, Music and Fashion and pushed him through that lane.

His Invention of Hiplife:

He admitted not bringing rap to Ghana but rather named the hiplife genre and made it more popular for Ghanaians to appreciate the new act of rap with the local dialect.

Years In Active Music:

Started showbiz at 11 years. Won his first dance and Taekwondo competitions at age 11. Since then he has made music till now that he is in his 60’s.

Promoting Music Now:

He unveiled that the influence of music has really been a bit easier because of social media. Unlike those days when people had only DJs to promote their albums or projects.

Challenges In Music Career:

Had a smooth career because of his father’s influence. He revealed how his father went to the extent of establishing a studio for him in their home.

Thoughts On Beefs:

He explained how people are ready to go to any extent because of their love for fame. To him, most people fake the beefs to hype themselves.

Reaction To Those Beefing Him:

He made it clear that he isn’t perturbed about those things because he is calm and sensible. He intentionally ignores all those confusions caused by people. He likes only positive vibes or energy.

On Coronavirus:

He has made it clear that he got affected by the Coronavirus greatly but had an intervention from 3 pubs for over 10 years now and has also added “Waakye” business to cushion the family financially.

—End Of Interview—

BY: Ghanashowbiz Team

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