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Djimon Hounsou Video Reveals How NOT To Write About Africa


Djimon Hounsou Video Reveals How NOT To Write About Africa

In light of the controversialStop John Kony” video that exploded last week in most of the world’s consciousness, another video, starring Benin-born actor Djimon Hounsou (pictured), has been recirculated entitled “How Not to Write About Africa.”

With all the “Stop John Kony” brouhaha, a video Hounsou did back in 2009 has come back to life. The video is based off of an essay Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina wrote, originally entitled “How to Write About Africa.” In the essay, Wainaina writes:

In your text, treat Africa as if it were one country. It is hot and dusty with rolling grasslands and huge herds of animals and tall, thin people who are starving. Or it is hot and steamy with very short people who eat primates. Don’t get bogged down with precise descriptions. Africa is big: fifty-four countries, 900 million people who are too busy starving and dying and warring and emigrating to read your book. The continent is full of deserts, jungles, highlands, savannahs and many other things, but your reader doesn’t care about all that, so keep your descriptions romantic and evocative and unparticular.

Taboo subjects [are]: ordinary domestic scenes, love between Africans (unless a death is involved), references to African writers or intellectuals, mention of school-going children who are not suffering from yaws or Ebola fever or female genital mutilation.

Africa is to be pitied, worshipped or dominated. Whichever angle you take, be sure to leave the strong impression that without your intervention and your important book, Africa is doomed.

Hounsou collaborated with Wainaina to produce this:

Just like many other parts of the world, i.e., Syria, Lybia, most of America’s inner cities and don’t forget your random white bread high school (Cleveland and Columbine, anyone?), Africa has its problems. What isn’t shown, though, is prosperous and productive Africa. Obviously, not every tribe or klan is struggling with war and not every child is going to sleep with an empty belly at night.


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