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DKB may brag but he can’t sue me – Akoo Nana


DKB may brag but he can’t sue me – Akoo Nana

imagesHIPLIFE musician and entrepreneur Akoo Nanahas become a topic in mainstream conversation for the past few weeks, after he went public bragging that lovers and spouses of several Ghanaian musicians are making advances at him, and that he has evidence to back his claim.

The claim was initially taken as a ‘cheap talk’ but Akoo went ahead and mentioned the names of some specific musicians he was referring to and this has sparked an uproar, with lawyers angrily wagging their pointed fingers in his face and threatening to land him in jail.

NEWS-ONE, on Wednesday caught up with Akoo Nana and first asked him what “entered” him before he went public with such a provocative disclosure?

What prompted you to make that statement?

Which statement?

That you have something to do with the lovers of DKB, Kofi Sarpong and others

Nothing entered me. I just felt like saying it and I said it just as it is. Truth hurts, you know, especially when you say it just as it is. I was not drunk when I was saying it; and just as you write your editorials to say what you want the public to know, I also say mine through songs because I am a song writer.

What did you aim to achieve with that song?

Honestly, I had to modify the lyrics a bit before coming out with it. So this new version has a different aim from the original one. I wrote that song just to draw attention to a denied reality in our industry—the fact that all sorts of things are going on but we pretend it is not there. Then, I realised over the period that DKB was misbehaving all over, and his misconduct was affecting my business and costing me money. So I thought of how to get back at him and I went back to the lyrics of the song and modified it to punch DKB more.

What exactly was DKB doing that provoked you to want to hit back at him?

He was moving around and maligning me to my business partners. That’s all what I can say for now. There are things I do not want to get to the public because they are nasty and false. He wanted to ride on my fame but ended up destroying my business.

So you lied about DKB in your song just to get back at him?

No. I did not lie. Does he not have a scar on his face? Is that not a fair comment before the law courts? When you go through my Whatsapp messages, you would realise that DKB’s girlfriend started sending me messages at night as at last year. In many of those messages, she had said she doesn’t want an ugly guy with a scar face but she wants a fresh face like mine. I called the number, and a guy answered and said he is DKB. I called again, and the same person picked, so I waited till the following day when the lady called to tell me that she used DKB’s phone to send that text. I decided to use that in my song because of what that guy has been doing to me. This thing has been there for long. My business partners terminated my contract because DKB called them to tell them negative things about me.

Some suspect this is just to hype your song

Those saying that do not understand what hype is. ‘Yawa’ is just a diss song. It has no commercial value or purpose? What would be the sense in hyping such a song? Look, I don’t really depend on hype. I have what it takes to do a good song that would be a hit. You know I have a new one with Castro. Yeah. Why am I not hyping that one? Because of what happened to him. It would be insensitive on my part. I have several songs with him but what has happened has slowed my marketing down a bit. Even if I want to hype, I would have hyped a commercial song, not a diss song.

Have you heard from DKB’s lawyers?

Not yet, but I really don’t believe DKB would sue me when he knows it’s a true thing I have said. He may brag in the media but he can’t sue me; and if he dares, I would embarrass him in court.

Anything you want to add?

Nothing. I am happy the public has heard what I have to say in the song and that is all I wanted to achieve to get back at that scar face dude. The song is called ‘Yawa’ and I would drop the continuation soon.


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