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Do We Need Nigerian Acts To Bridge Their Market


Do We Need Nigerian Acts To Bridge Their Market

imagesIn an interview with the music duo Ruff and Smooth why they used Wizboy in their new song. They replied that they did the collaboration to enter into the Nigerian market and also some of Wizboys fans in the francophone countries. Ruff and smooth collaborated with Wizboy to make the song “tolotolo baby” and was released last week on the Judgment board on AM pluzz. The pundits of the show made points that the song was dominated by the Nigerian Act Wizboy and sounded as if they rather featured on the song. They came to defend their stance and to give reasons for using Wizboy. Apart from reaching the Nigerian market they are working in the same record label and it’s a way of selling their brand and bonding with fellow musicians of the management.
The entertainment pundits seemed to disagree with them on that point because you don’t necessarily need to feature a Nigerian before you can capture that market. Reasons given is that some Ghanaian musicians have made it big in the African continent without featuring Nigerian acts. They mentioned musicians like VIP, Tic Tac and many others who made it without such collaborations. They also sustained the point that the song dominated by Wizboy which totally takes away their Ghanaian Identity from the song. This point made by the pundits was vehemently denied by the music group because the song is doing well in Nigeria but when asked about Ghana they replied that it’s still new in Ghana.
The music group elaborate that they were working on their second album which they are collaborating with other arts to make it an African album to suit all preference of music in the country.


Monica Otumfuor

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