Dog Meat Sellers in Ghana Call on the Government to Support their Business

imagesFew days ago GC reporter-Osarfo Anthony filed a report after visiting Bolgantanga where he shockingly came to know that, dog meat was patronized out there more than fish, chicken or any other meat.

Today, it has emerged that, dog meat sellers at the Sunyani market in the Brong Ahafo region are appealing to government for support.

Are we now turning Ghana into a country of dog eaters to the extent that we are asking the government to support these rare taste buds some people have?

According to the butchers, the dog meat business can be the mainstay of Ghana’s economy if given the needed support to expand their business, reports Adom FM.

How is the dog meat market going to this?

One of the traders who spoke on condition of anonymity to Accra based radio station; Oman FM said dog meat has become the delicacy of many after the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus and that it is highly by indigenes of Sunyani, Bolgatanga and other towns in the northern region to fish and meat.

Now here comes to absurd superstition too; “anyone who eats dog meat cannot be harmed spiritually be an evil spirit” the dog meat seller sai.

And this is how they want the government to help them. They want the government to help them step-up their production just like poultry farms across the country


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