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Don Davies mother calls out Reno Omokri and Deeper Life members for allegedly threatening her


Don Davies mother calls out Reno Omokri and Deeper Life members for allegedly threatening her

The of an allegedly molested former student of Deeper life high school , has called out Reno Omokri some deeper life members for allegedly threatening her life and the life of her son. 

Recall, last year December when school children in the boarding house returned home for the Christmas holiday. video of a young boy identified as Don Davies went viral after seeing how skinny and malnourished he was compared to when he resumed the school, Deeper life high school, Uyo Campus.

He confessed that he was allegedly maltreated for bedwetting and sent to the senior students' dormitory where he was molested by two senior students of the school. 

Since then his mother, Deborah Okezie has come out to seek justice for her son who is just 11 years old and in JSS1, the issue has caused a lot of controversies.  

However, in a recent video, the mother has alleged that Reno Omokri and deeper life members are threatening and wishing her son death because she is fighting their church and their general overseer.

In her words;

“Reno Omokri please leave me alone. The threat is too much. Reno Omokri called me and said I should go and apologise and beg national Newspaper. That if I do not apologise, anything I see, I take.

I don't understand what I'm apologizing for. Someone even sent me message asking about the burial of my son, that I'm fighting a church and I will definitely bury my son. If it's you, how will you feel? I can't close my eyes well, my BP is high.

I cannot keep quiet and die in silence because the case is in court. They cannot tell me to shut up when deeper life members are treating me anyhow. If I keep quiet and die, this whole thing is over. You people should beg Reno and deeper life members to leave me. You are fighting our G.O, watch what will happen to you. It's too much”.

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