“Don’t blame my absence on my husband”

imagesOne of TV3’s Mentor participant, Mavis, who has been conspicuously missing for some time now, is said to have been out of the music scene due to issues with her husband, Flex newspaper has gathered.

Mavis after her first album ‘Aseda’ got married to one of the most influential prophets in Ghana, Abruku Abruka, who used to be her producer but ever since she has not been visible in the music industry.

It is rumoured that Mavis, ever since she got married to her husband Abruku Abruka has been denied the right to do music for the reason being known to her husband alone.

Flex newspaper, in an exclusive interview with Mavis, asked why her long absence from the music scene said, “there is no truth in those rumours. I can tell you that, the pressure my husband even puts on me to come out with songs is more than I can even bear.

As I am talking to you, we are almost done with my recordings in the studio. I have finished my side, and it’s left with the recording engineer to complete his mastering. Whoever knows Nacy can call and ask him how my husband puts a lot of pressure on him to complete the work for us fast,” she said.

“My reason for taking a break in the music business is because of my kids. They are too young, and I needed to have some time with them. And you know music also takes a lot of time so I needed to wait and make sure my house won’t be disorganized when I start to sing.

Also, because of the delay in coming out, I have to take time and make sure what I am bringing won’t be chaff, and I know it will shake Ghana. I am assuring all my fans that hopefully by October or November this year; my songs will be out. I am on set shooting one of my videos already,” Mavis added.



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