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Don’t copy secular musicians – Omane Acheampong tells gospel musicians


Don’t copy secular musicians – Omane Acheampong tells gospel musicians

imagesThe issue of gospel artistes whether or not to put money first in their music career has been a huge topic in the music circles and it keeps resurfacing.

In an exclusive interview with Flex newspaper, one of Ghana’s favourite gospel hit makers Nicholas Omane Acheampong has said that the work of secular and gospel musicians are far different and the difference must be made clear by the gospel artistes.

He said most gospel musicians have used secular musicians as their yardstick, trying to always run the same race with them. “We are two different groups of people with different missions so we the gospel musicians need not get in any race with the secular musicians,” he said.

“Sometimes gospel musicians forget that they are ministers of God and must seek God first before the money and the luxury. It is true that Gospel musicians also eat but the music should not be a platform for you to be popular or rich but to sing about the giver of life,” he added.

He said that in physical terms, a secular musician sings for him or herself and a gospel musician sings about God hence we are servants of God so if a secular musician is paid more than a gospel musician, gospel musicians should never lose focus or be envious position since the name of God is greater than any price.

“Never should a secular musician dream of being bigger than a gospel musician and if any gospel artiste seeks money and popularity, then he is lesser than a secular musician,” Nicholas Omane Acheampong further stated.

He also advised that people watch the lives of gospel musicians and so as gospel musicians so they must let their lights shine before all men and not try to go into any competition with the secular musicians.


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