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‘Don’t Judge Me’-David Oscar

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‘Don’t Judge Me’-David Oscar

Comedian David Oscar believes he is the funniest around and is not amused about criticism that his comic TV show on Viasat One, Laugh A Minute, is not very side-splitting and does not live up to its hype as the premier comedy show.

He is further astonished by suggestions that despite plying his trade for close to a decade, he is not considered as very funny with some critics rating Funny Face much higher for his wisecracks.

Talking to Showbiz last Monday, Oscar said humour is generally viewed differently by different individuals. “What might be funny to me might not be funny to someone else and vice-versa”.

The popular TV star believes such critics are influenced by their own biases, misunderstanding of the programme concept and a lack of appreciation of the type of humour he performs on TV.

Oscar explained  that he was not entirely responsible for making Laugh a Minute a rib-splitting affair, but scripts handed to him largely determined the comical direction of the show which is aired on Sunday at 10:30 am and 5:30 pm.

“If people have problems with Laugh a Minute, then they should blame the  writers who write the scripts for me,’ he says.

A graduate of the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Oscar describes his performance on TV as a presentation and not a stand-up comedy, hence the comparison with other stand-up comedy shows are out of place.

“Anybody who has had the opportunity to witness my stand-up comedy on any given day would testify that I am one of the best comedians Ghana has ever had,” boasts Oscar, who claims highly rated rival comedians like Funny Face may just have seized their moment which will fade with time.

If he was the best comedian as he claims, then how come Funny Face seems to have stolen the limelight, Showbiz  enquired from Oscar.
His response was that he wasn’t bothered if Funny Face was loved by Ghanaians because he believed this was the time for the ‘Swag-on Papa’ to shine, but next time someone else could sweep Ghanaians off their feet.

Perhaps the media may be guilty of not throwing the spotlight on Oscar who has been engaged in many shows without attracting the required attention.

“Only last November, I was engaged for more than 10 shows which I don’t think any other comedian in Ghana got, but the media follow things they feel are important to them. But it’s all cool,” asserts Oscar, who insists he was streets ahead of his rivals having performed on bigger international platforms.

“If I have performed on a bigger platform like M-NET Comedy Plus in Kenya which Funny Face and DKB are yet to reach; where else can’t I perform?”

Comedy is a profession Oscar holds high as one which has turned his life around into an instant celebrity, bringing in tow fame and fortune no other profession could have enabled him acquire. “I have acquired whatever I need in life through comedy which I don’t think any other job could have helped me achieve,” he told Showbiz.

Asked what the future holds for him after seven years in comedy, David acknowledged that for now, there was no platform in the world that he could not hold his own when given the chance.

The comedian threw a challenge to Ghanaians to make it a point to visit Koforidua quarterly and watch him on Co-operate Comedy Series, a show he co-founded, if they want another proof he was the funniest comedian on the market.
When comedy is not on the menu, Oscar would be engaged in content development for radio stations, PR activities and as a trained actor whose movies will soon hit the market.

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