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Dr Paa Bobo expresses concern over the use of computers for music


Dr Paa Bobo expresses concern over the use of computers for music

Dr Paa has expressed concern over the influence of computers and modern forms of music production on the youth.

He said this has caused the total neglect of creativity and live band music in Ghana.

The hi-life legend speaking in an interview with said if something is not done quickly, a time will come that there will be no live band music nor people with the requisite knowledge of playing these musical instruments.

Dr Paa Bobo said during their time, it was impossible to call an individual a musician if the person had no knowledge in playing any of the musical instruments.

He said if this not checked, it will be difficult to get people who know how to play these instruments.

With a career dating back to the 60s, Dr Paa Bobo has never ceased to be in the limelight with what he does best – singing.

He has over a hundred songs including his popular hit Osobrokyeε to his credit, all recorded with live band music, Dr Paa Bobo is definitely a legend and a mentor to many.

Although he is old, he never ceases to rock the stage wherever he performs.

Listen to the attached audio:

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/

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