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Duncan Mighty Claims Some Nigerian Celebrities Live Fake Lives


Duncan Mighty Claims Some Nigerian Celebrities Live Fake Lives

imagesPort Harcourt based singer Duncan Mighty in an interview with E-Punch spoke about why he still lives in Port Harcourt and not Lagos, and also exposed how most of his colleagues live fake lives pretending to buy houses worth millions of naira and which isn’t so. He boasted that he built his house from the scratch.

According to him, he conquered the Lagos market with his first album. he also advised that Nigerian artistes should be able to maximize fame and victory from any part of the country. Stating that the fact that he remains in PH city has attracted more entertainment stakeholders to the state, thereby boosting their popularity. wishing that other Nigerian celebrities can do or say same about their states of origin.

He acclaimed that a lot of Nigerian artistes’ lead fake lives. They claim to be what they are not, just because they want to meet up their peers and fellow artistes. he also boasts of what his house is made up of claiming that he lives in his own house which has a swimming pool, lounge and studio and he can make bold to say he didn’t buy it.

He said lot of artistes will claim they bought a house for N300m or N400m but he didn’t spend up to that amount to build his own house. according to him there are many things to do with money. They claim they have state-of-the-art cars, but that is not his priority now claiming it takes a lot of money to maintain such cars


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