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Duncan-Williams’s son Daniel Seeks Parental ATTENTION

Daniel Duncan-Willams


Duncan-Williams’s son Daniel Seeks Parental ATTENTION

It is very difficult to raise children and I have always stOOD by my statement “there is no perfect parent in the world”. God invested power in people so much that He the Father had to threaten to command stones if humans do not worship Him.

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Just like every human, Daniel may be suffering from a depression of somewhat but he is not stupid. He loves his dad no matter what the circumstance but preventing him from enjoying his is what we see as a result on social media. The church and the bishop may have thought it wise to please the society to coerce us into believing one thing about Daniel, but is that really the truth? What we see is a pressure outburst of a child longing to be free from bondage which could be curbed by a father and not just prayer. A personal and civil confrontation with the truth by a father who painfully divorced the mother of a child who knew one key thing at his age “I love my mum and dad”. Sensitive children usually flame up on any subject to do with their parents, especially when they are public figures.

This is not the time for big brother to be talking to the younger brother to change his ways. He would have changed many years ago since they lived with him for many years under the same roof. Time for the father to put down his bishop hat and have a meaningful conversation with Daniel, maybe strike a deal that will bring this confusion to rest.

Calling him a sick child to please the mass will only cost Bishop Duncan William or even threatening your Daniel with death as he claimed in one of his social media posts will not help.

Some people claim Bishop Duncan paid too much attention to the ministry than his family. Possibly so but how come the other children did not turn out this way, does it mean they are timid? If every child is believed to be different and all his children went through the same tutelage, then Daniel may have harbored anger for many years even if he suffers from some medical conditions. Note that Daniel is not stupid.

DANIEL IS SEEKING A PARENTAL ATTENTION… Mind games through social media or any other media source will not solve it. In any case where is Daniel’s MUM?

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