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Duo release from Scientific, ‘Her Back Wicked’ + ‘Ain’t Got Time’


Duo release from Scientific, ‘Her Back Wicked’ + ‘Ain’t Got Time’



After a long break from the music scene award winning Liberian/Africa’s top Hip-Hop artist, Scientific teamed up with WatsUp TV and Jack Daniel’s during their birthday month celebration this gone weekend in Accra, Ghana for the release of his double singles ‘Ain’t Got Time’ and ‘Her Back Wicked’.

Scientific gives fans a piece of his heritage – Liberia. He takes his fans into his life as a Liberian and his pride for his motherland.

The Wonda World crooner who has made his name known across Africa has decided to take a direction that would propel Liberia into the African music scene should all go well.

In the first song ‘Her Back Wicked’, the multiple award winning artist, sings and raps about a woman he falls for but later breaks his heart. Might sound like a cliché of a story, but the delivery and structure is awesome. In his indigenous Liberian dialect and English, Scientific perfectly weaves his way around the song on a club style Afrobeat – totally mind blowing and beautiful.

Meanwhile, he switches to the usual rap and Hip-Hop he is known for on the second song, ‘Ain’t Got Time’. From get go. Playing on metaphors, wordplay and double entendre, he clearly indicates that he has been slept on for too long and it ought to change. Scientific believes there’s a lot of sabotaging going on in the industry that doesn’t aid growth. He addressed it all. You can call this a public address of important issues.

Scientific (Sonny Jamaal Tayshaun Tubman) was born in Liberia (Bong County) and raised in Ghana because of the war that broke out in Liberia at that time. With a Christian background, you would expect more of a gospel act but Scientific is extremely versatile. As a Youngman, he always wanted to be a doctor in future until he got into high school and got really acquainted with Hip Hop.


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