“Dwen Woho” Sparks Controversies On AM Pluzz

imagesToday on AM pluzz a song was reviewed on the judgment board sparks controversies leading to arguments on the show. The song is by Nana Quame and Kofi Nti “Dwen Woho”; two Highlife musicians who have done music for some time now. The song was played twice and pundits asked to rate the song according to composition, rhythm and message. The pundits gave their judgment which was usually in the negative but the strongest views was from sound engineer Justice Oteng of drumline studios. MR. Logic a dancehall promoter also said that the song lacked originality because it sounded like an imitated song and Kofi Nti sounded like Daddy Lumba. The presenter Samuel Baah tried his best to conform their views but they accused him of trying to subject them to mediocrity.
Justice Oteng outlined that the engineer on the song didn’t do any good Job with the song because both the musicians on the song strained their voices on the song. He explained that the keys were too high for them and it drowned other words in the song in other words they tried tossing along the key which wasn’t fit for them. He also went ahead to say that there were no punches and rolls in the song which should be characterized in a highlife song. He also said the song was flat throughout and the engineer did a lazy work comparing it to his other works. He also made point that the engineer didn’t do the necessary corrections because the musicians are big names and the engineer wouldn’t want to offend them. He concluded that at the end of the day it was the engineer’s name that stood out so the engineer must endeavor to make the song right no matter what. He rated the song 10%
Nana Otu also came in to give his views bashing out what Justice Oteng said about the song. He pointed out that he doesn’t recall the last time Oteng liked or commended any song on the judgment board for some time now. He expressed that it’s becoming a virus which is spreading to discredit the songs that are put on the judgment board. He also said that the song was a good piece of art which is authentic highlife because for some time now it’s been difficult to categorize high life songs because most of the songs are not authentic. He also said that someone’s work of art can’t be condemned on basis of what Oteng thinks is the right thing. He referenced that even the songs that have good instrumentation and engineering have very stupid and basic lyrics like Adonai.
The pundits in the studio were offended by the comments and wanted to react back but the presenter put off their microphones and change the topic for discussion.


Monica Otumfuor

culled from AMpluzz

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