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When the norms of societies are been defied in a beautiful way or with reason, does it make it justifiable? Eazzy, the “Go Go Wind” hit maker seems to have a thing for writing in her skin. Months back there was a highlight on the alarming number of tattoos, she had on. Four (4) different tattoos with varying personal reasons reflecting her life and her passions were exposed.

Recent developments reveal that, the songstress has acquired her 5th tattoo, quite an eye brows raiser.

The tattoo reads “THE LORS IS MY SHEPHERD” in Hebrew. This pre supposed that the hit maker seems to have a thing for religion and might be religious at heart than believed by the general populace. Tattoo Number 4 read “I’M HIGHLY FAVOURED”.

Close sources have revealed that the female performer is getting her 6th tattoo soon. The question then is Eazzy addicted to tattoo? Regardless of her insatiable love for writing in her skin, she seems to always find a way of keeping it classy, small, simple and hidden.

In a related development, the hit maker is set to shoot the video of her current single “Go Go Wind” next week. The video is said to be a very high budgeted video. The single is doing great and has received massive airplay and had had lots of online dominance since its released last month. With a new image of short hair which seems to have won her more followers and made the already existing fans fall more in love with their diva, she seems never to go wrong.
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