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Eazzy Reacts

Singer/rapper Eazzy has issued a statement to debunk allegations that she had left her management.

She said she was still the Lynx Entertainment label and also for a retraction from the publishers of the falsehood.

She explains: ‘I would normally keep quiet about rumours and false news, but this particular story I find infuriating because it not only tells lies, but attempts to destroy my image and that of my management team. Ghana wrote an article stating that I plan on leaving Lynx Entertainment.

‘This story is completely false, factually inaccurate and unprofessional. I am disappointed that the website can release such a story without any facts.'

‘To clear the air, I am still very much on Lynx Entertainment, and contrary to what the article implied, not only does my team remain the same, but an A&R department has been added on, which is making the team even more efficient.

Presently, I am getting ready to start a lot of projects to continue building myself as an artiste, such as my upcoming ‘Go Go Wind Video Tour' and I'm upset that such immature journalism may coincide with my plans.'

‘I publicly demand a retraction and an apology from Ghana, and I believe they will do so, if they believe themselves to be decent journalists.'

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