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Ebi Bright & Martha Ankomah Clash Over Car


Ebi Bright & Martha Ankomah Clash Over Car

Actresses Ebi Bright and Martha Ankomah are reportedly involved in a cold war over a car belonging to Ebi Bright. News-One sources said the actresses used to be friends, but hell broke loose later last year when they rained insults on each other after a disagreement over the car.

Bright, according to the sources, offered her car to be used for a movie production headed by popular director Frank Raja and producer/actor Roger Quartey. But something went wrong during the production, the car was crashed and repaired secretly without Bright’s knowledge. Ankomah was rumoured to be involved in that episode.

Ebi Bright

Bright didn’t know about the incident until the car nearly killed her while she was driving on the Accra-Tema motorway as a result of a fault caused by the previous damage.

Mechanics later told Bright that the car had previously been crashed. The source said Bright called Ankomah to find out what exactly happened to her car on set. But things didn’t go well between them in the course of the conversation.

Bright’s issue was that at least, she should have been informed about the incident because she insured the car and there were procedures to follow when there was an accident. Currently both actresses are not on talking terms. Ghana’s Actors Guild is yet to wade into the matter but the sources said the actresses had threatened to handle each other in their own way.

Source: News One
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