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Efya is bigger than me – Irene Logan


Efya is bigger than me – Irene Logan

imagesIrene Logan who is undoubtedly one of Ghana’s finest R ‘n’ B and pop singers last Wednesday disclosed on Hits FM that her former partner Janet Awindor who is known in showbiz as Efya is bigger than her, Flex newspaper has learnt.

This concession was made during an interview with Ibrahim Ben Brako also known as IB on a segment called scoop. He asked the pop star if she had heard the rumour in town that Efya is bigger than her currently.

She said: “Efya is bigger than me because I went for a break to study the trend and the system of the music industry so that gave her the opportunity to ground herself in the industry. Now I am back with a unique style,” she disclosed.

Irene who is strongly influenced by Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston and R. Kelly also disclosed that this song ‘In Love with the Devil’ which was released was released in; January 2014 was written by Asem.

She also said she will be releasing her latest album this year but before the launch of the album she will be releasing singles after singles to whet the appetite of her fans.

When asked the relationship between her and Asem, this is what she had to say: “what is between Asem and myself is friendship, loyalty and respect; nothing more than that.”


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