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Ekow Micah: ‘Blakk Rasta is a shame to Rastafarians’


Ekow Micah: ‘Blakk Rasta is a shame to Rastafarians’

imagesThe President of the Music Council of Ghana, Mr. Nester Ekow Micah, has opined that Hitz 103.9 FM’s former presenter, Blakk Rasta, is a coward, a charlatan, and a total shame to the Rastafarian philosophy and community.

Blakk Rasta, a former host of ‘Taxi Driver’ on Hitz 103.9 FM, alleged on his show some weeks ago that 80% of parliamentarians use and smoke weed – a declaration, which made the Privileges Committee of Parliament summon him for interrogation, only for Blakk Rasta to back out and apologize for saying so because he was on heat when he spoke.

However, Ekow Micah feels Blakk should not have apologized to the Privileges Committee of Parliament. “Blakk Rasta should not have apologised to Parliament! Apologise? What for? For saying 80% of Parliamentarians smoke weed? My goodness! Are we serious in this country?”

Asked to explain why Blakk Rasta should not have apologised, Ekow said, “this is a clear form of intimidation against the media! These are some of the things that kill press freedom! We claim we are practicing democracy, yet, when you speak, then higher authorities somewhere invite you and intimidate you! This is not democracy! This is intimidation!”

He continued, “with this kind of treatment, how would media people feel bold and confident to share their opinions? They will be afraid for fear of being dragged by some powers that be to explain him or herself! They are putting fear in the media which is not right!”

The highly incensed Ekow Micah also told that Blakk Rasta is a coward and a charlatan. “Blakk Rasta is a coward! He has no balls! He pretends to be tough but in actuality, he’s not! He is a coward! He claims he don’t smoke wee, so what business does he have to talk about wee?

Ekow’s reaction is also motivated by the fact that just after Blakk Rasta apologised to Parliament for his bold comments, he resigned from Hitz FM. “If you know you will resign, why go and apologise to them? “This is illogical! This does not make sense! It does not add up!

“He should have stood on his grounds that indeed some of the Parliamentarians smoke ganja and then resign! That is what a man with conscience does- not that you apologise and the next moment you resign! Blakk Rasta is a shame to the Rastafarian community and our philosophy! Charlatan he is!”

Ekow Micah and others feel marijuana should be legalized in Ghana. Sharing his opinion on this same subject last year, Ekow Micah – a member of the Rastafarian Movement of Ghana, said smoking wee is better than drinking alcohol and that government of Ghana should consider making laws for mass plantation of marijuana a reality because it can boost our GDP more than Gold.

Per Ghana’s Narcotic Laws, marijuana or wee is an illegal drug and that smoking it, amounts to an illicit act but Ekow Micah added that, “It is not illegal! It is our Constitutional right and our human right! No human being has the right to stop someone from doing his wholehearted wishes as far as it is not wrong!

“If I buy my wee, roll it and smoke it, does it pierce another’s skin? So what is your problem?” Asked if he presently smokes wee, he stated temerarious: “Of course yes! I smoke! I will not hide it from anyone! I smoke the wee paa!

“From the days when I recorded “Mesiwohemaa” which you people have danced to all these years, I used to smoke paa!”


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