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EL’s Bar Concert is probably the best thing Hip-hop has in Ghana – Karl Yussuf


EL’s Bar Concert is probably the best thing Hip-hop has in Ghana – Karl Yussuf


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In 2013, EL took one of those decisions that has come to define him as an artiste and helped him grow in the art that inspires new ideas and thinking every single day. He decided to make a mark and that has successfully come to represent everything – he is a producer, singer, rapper, and performer.

EL decided to host a hip-hop only concert with his friends and the players who had nothing but respect for the art. The show brought the heavyweights and introduced the newcomers. It drew from the deep of hip-hop heads and brought the latter day saints now falling in love with the genre.

The concert followed an impressive collection of masterpieces and that had gradually become the signature of the artiste. Best African Rapper (B.A.R) brought a belief that the young Ghanaian was looking for another form of expression, and was willing to take bold steps and make a statement.

With a burst of new acts like Ayat, Worlasi, Ansah among others, B.A.R doesn’t just provide occasion for them to shine and learn from the best but also introduce them to the thinking that “hip-hop is for the hungry. It is the wild-wild west and you either kill or be killed.”

For me, it is one of the most important events music in Ghana has come to recognize and adopt. It doesn’t just define or help shape the culture of hip-hop but also serves as a reference point for subsequent generations of artists .

Source: Karl Yussuf

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